(L-R John Churchill, Rik Vasquez)Make It Funky: The Story of Monkafunk Comics and Kung-Fu Fighters

The roots of Monkafunk Comics trace back 25 years ago when New Jersey natives John Churchill and Rik Vasquez met in a high school vocational art class. Their mutual interests in comic books, Hanna-Barbara cartoons, pro wrestling, cola, and hair metal cemented their friendship. Armed with little more than a ballpoint pen and a spiral notebook, they created a wise-crackin’, beer-guzzlin’ martial arts anti-hero named “Fu”.

The character’s earliest adventures were simple one-page stories, but with an unbeatable combination of asinine plots and abysmal artwork, those stories gained a small local following. Plans were made to create a full-length book, but before moving forward with their dreams of comic book superstardom, reality intervened and the two friends found themselves on different life paths.

Fast forward to 2015: Older and maybe not-so-much wiser, Churchill and Vasquez realize that some dreams are too powerful to remain dead. Ideas are exchanged, plots devised and business strategies considered. An epic, high-kicking tour de force, Kung-Fu Fighters, the duo's first webcomic, lives up to their philosophy of explosive action balanced with ridiculous humor.

Fortunetly for the rest of us, Monkafunk Comics is just getting started. Team Monkafunk is planning to add many new characters, titles, and storylines to its comic universe. With uncompromising dedication to its unique vision, it looks like John Churchill and Rik Vasquez are going to “make it funky” for a long time to come.

Got a question/comment/etc.? Email John and Rik at zvahmedia@gmail.com.


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